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A Black Woman's Podcast is Back This Fall!

Nikki Porcher recording a Black Woman's Podcast

I was on the road all of July for The Buy From A Black Woman Inspire Tour presented by H&M (watch the highlights here), and then I got back on the road in August to record a new season of A Black Woman's Podcast.

A Black Woman's Podcast has evolved over time. It started off as a place for me to share tips and resources, and then as I started spending more time with Black Women Business Owners and listening to their concerns, what kept coming was the need for a safe space just for us. A space to share without judgement, to talk about our journeys in a way that could help the Black Women on the path with us. And a space where we could just be with each other — totally transparent, no competition. Just supporting and celebrating each other.

So that's what A Black Woman's Podcast has evolved into. A safe space for 200,000+ Black Women Business Owners to talk about the things we've always wanted to talk about. Featuring formidable Black Women like April Showers of Afro Unicorn®️, Bozoma Saint John, Folasade Ogunmokun of Unskrypted TV, and many more.

New Season of A Black Woman's Podcast Coming Soon

This new season is going to be a little different. No spoilers, you'll see why as the episodes drop! First episode airs on Tuesday, September 5th. And then new episodes will air every Tuesday after that.

We have amazing guests that span industries this season. One episode will feature everyone’s favorite auntie, Ms. Tabitha Brown. This interview was so much fun! It's been a while since we've been together like this, so we cut up because that's our business...

But it was also filled with so many gems that'll inspire, educate and empower you like only Ms. Tabitha can.

So make sure to tune in starting September 5, 2023 when the new season starts. Subscribe to A Black Woman's Podcast on your favorite platform or follow us over at for the video (our podcast is available as audio and video).

And of course if you do nothing else with your day, make sure you go out and #BuyFromABlackWoman.

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Nantale Muwonge
Nantale Muwonge
Aug 06, 2023

We're ready!

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