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A Black Woman Year

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Over the last seven years I’ve been able to make a real difference by supporting and promoting the work of thousands of Black Women Business Owners. 

Things I've done as the founder of Buy From A Black Woman: 

  1. Provided Black Women Business Owners with the tools and resources they need to be successful

  2. Amplified their visibility through the Black Woman Business Directory, which places them in front of approximately 4,000 consumers a month  

  3. Provided financial support, education and mentorship and partnership opportunities

  4. Created retail opportunities that have helped them generate $2.7 million in revenue

  5. Built a community of 220K Black Women, supporters, partners and allies who want Black Women Entrepreneurs to succeed

As a leader in this space, I have a responsibility to ensure that we do not go backwards and that the economic empowerment that comes from Black Women,
Black Businesses &
Black Communities
is not forgotten.

A Black Woman Year is more than just a campaign, it's a movement towards economic empowerment that’ll have a lasting change because:


- It provides access to education and training programs that are crucial for building the skills and knowledge necessary for economic success.

- It offers mentorship, coaching and other support services for aspiring entrepreneurs to enhance their chances of success.

- It recognizes and addresses gender disparities and considers the unique challenges Black Women face.

- It facilitates access to markets, both locally and globally.

- And most importantly, it involves the community and allows consumers to make conscious purchasing decisions that align with their values of empowerment.

  • Buy From A Black Woman! Pick an everyday item in your home or office that you can replace with a Black Woman-Owned Brand and then make the switch. And then pick another item and rinse and repeat. You can find businesses in the Black Woman Business Directory. Make sure to fill out this form after each buy. 

  • Become a corporate partner: Learn more about how your organization can support A Black Woman Year and contribute to a more diverse and equitable marketplace. For inquiries, partnerships or more information, email us at: ablackwoman(at)

  • Donate: Donate money, your expertise, air miles or other accepted offerings to Buy From A Black Woman. 


Are you really supporting

Black Women Businesses?

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