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If you’re lucky enough to recognize your power, then having limitations imposed upon you from birth becomes a series of opportunities to sharpen your mind and deepen your faith.


Without realizing, you begin to view obstacles as unsolved puzzles and the process of overcoming them becomes an expression of your creativity instead of a struggle.


I don’t know when this shift in thinking happened for me (maybe I’ve always been this way?), but I know for sure that this approach has allowed me to not only survive, but thrive in challenging environments like the armed forces, our underfunded public school system, and even understaffed nonprofit organizations.


It’s what drives me to run marathons even though I was told I’d walk with a limp forever and never be able to run for extended periods after having an emergency knee surgery!

A Greater Purpose

And the injury turned out to be a gift in disguise because endurance running is what led me to entrepreneurship and my purpose. Pushing myself beyond where I was told I could go led me to creating Buy From A Black Woman and serving my community at the level that I do today. It allowed me to make it my mission to help empower, educate, and inspire Black Women Business Owners across the globe. I’m so grateful to be able to do that. The fact that I get to spread awareness of why it’s important to support and #BuyFromABlackWoman, and help consumers, sponsors and partners find them so they’re easier to support for a living is so incredible to me.


And I’m using my degrees in Business Marketing and Advertising Design too! I’m using all of my gifts and talents, my life experiences good and bad, and I’m putting my heart and soul into this work. It’s my life’s work, which is why it comes so easy to me.


Join me if you want to create space for lasting change. Let’s find a way to work together. I’m open to partnerships and collaborations, and I also do Business Consulting, Inclusion and Diversity Training, and Speaking as a part of my advocacy work. You can read more about my work here or in my media kit. Plus you’ll get to watch me do it all with a quintessential Jersey Girl flare!

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