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A Candid Conversation With Black Women On A Black Woman's Podcast

Nikki Porcher (right) and Black Women Business Owners gathered for A Black Woman Conversation special episode of A Black Woman's Podcast

Watching Black Women navigate the pandemic affirmed that I already knew about us. We defy the odds, even in the face of all the challenges created by COVID-19, Black Women Business Owners still stood strong. In this episode of A Black Woman's Podcast, I had the privilege of welcoming a group of incredible Black Women Entrepreneurs to my home for A Black Woman Conversation. A candid conversation about life over the last three years.

This was a part of something bigger

This podcast episode was a part of our groundbreaking research initiative, A Black Woman Case Study. A few weeks ago we launched a survey to gather data about Black Women Business Owners and uncover the untold stories of those who’ve been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. The study's focus is twofold: To inform policies, programs, and support services, while also predicting future trends and needs in the entrepreneurial landscape.

So we created a survey and we’ve been hosting listening sessions to give Black Women the space to share what they’re going through, what they want and what they need. Our first listening session was in Nashville, TN while we were on tour. But I specifically wanted to have a listening session in my home so everyone could feel safe sharing their thoughts and ideas, without the pressure of a formal social setting. And it turned out to be an intimate gathering with deep conversation where all of our stories proved that despite these challenges, our motivation to succeed has never wavered.

We were joined by:

Watch the podcast here

These entrepreneurs have not only demonstrated their ability to thrive, but their stories are beacons of inspiration for all. And it’s only by empowering and amplifying voices like these that we can create lasting change, making the entrepreneurial landscape a place where all can find the support and opportunities they deserve. So if you haven’t already, take our survey, it should take 10-15 minutes to complete. Help us create a nuanced and authentic understanding of Black Women’s challenges and concerns.

For more conversations like this, subscribe to A Black Woman's Podcast on your favorite platform. Or follow us at for the video of each episode.

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