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December 2023 Journal: Behind The Scenes of A Black Woman Advocate

Nikki Porcher at the Buy From A Black Woman Holiday Market presented by H&M

This month I traveled across the country for our holiday market, went shopping with Retail While Black, hosted a radio show, got to visit Black Wall Street, held a readathon and a work-a-thon, went golfing, launched A Black Woman Year and spent some time with family and friends.

Held our annual Holiday Market

This year we showcased 25 Black Women-Owned Businesses at the Buy From A Black Woman Holiday Market presented by H&M. We spent four Saturdays in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta in H&M stores and the love and support we received was amazing. If you missed our pop-ups, you can still support these businesses via the Buy From A Black Woman Online Directory.

Launched A Black Woman Year

A Black Woman Year AP News feature

I use a lot of Black Women-Owned products and services as a part of my daily life, but I’ve decided to go 100% in in 2024. It’s going to be A Black Woman Year. I’m shopping 100% Black Woman-Owned, and we’re transitioning our supply chain with Buy From A Black Woman to just Black Women-Owned Businesses and businesses that directly support them as well. You can read more about A Black Woman Year and how to join in here on my website or on

Did a radio show

Nikki Porcher and Debra Moore on Signature Serenade on WCLK 91.9

Last year I got to help WCLK 91.9 with a membership drive and they invited me back again this year. So I hosted their Signature Serenade Membership Drive with Ms. Debb Moore. It was a fun session. We talked about music and I played some of my favorite songs, and we had a good conversation about the importance of giving back and supporting community initiatives. I always enjoy being in studio at WCLK 91.9, it reminds me of my radio days. I’m looking forward to doing this again!

Got some media

WIE Suite Journal reached out to me for an interview, which I appreciate. They asked me about my hopes for Buy From A Black Woman, my predictions for 2024 and I even made some holiday shopping recommendations. I also got to do two podcasts this month, Undunn With Ashley Dunn and It’s About DAMN Time with Jarratt Damn. Both podcasts were fun to do, it’s always a good time connecting with other entrepreneurs and creators. Listen to them and let me know what you think.

Met up with Black Women across the country

I traveled to Tulsa, OK for Kim Roxie of Lamik Beauty’s holiday pop-up on Black Wall Street. She asked me if I would participate in the ribbon cutting, of course I had to be there! We had lunch at a local restaurant, then I visited some shops and got to support Black-Owned Businesses. 

And I visited Orlando and got to go shopping with Marissa Kearney of Retail While Black and Target While Black. It was good finally meeting in person and we had fun running through stores looking for Black-Owned Brands.

Hosted a Color Purple readathon

Nikki Porcher and Shanae Jones host The Color Purple readathon

If you know me then you know I love books, so The Color Purple remake coming up was the perfect excuse to reread the book. But rather than just do this on my own, I got together with my best friend Shanae Jones and we hosted a readathon. We were Instagram and Tiktok live just reading with other people who wanted to read the book. It was relaxing. And interesting to read it from a fresh perspective. 

And of course I went out and watched the movie afterwards. I wanted to contribute to their success and help show that we do support Black artists and creators. And when I looked around and saw nothing but Black faces and Black families coming together to support the movie, I knew this was a moment that would go down in history. So the fact that it had sales upwards of $18 on opening day didn’t surprise me.

Played Monopoly with my Grandmother

Speaking of Black families, one of my holiday traditions is playing Monopoly with my Grandmother. She’s a character, so we always have fun and this game did not disappoint. I’m grateful that I got to spend time with friends and my family this holiday, and I hope you enjoyed your time with loved ones too.

Went golfing

Golfing is one of my hobbies. I mainly golf, run half marathons and do yoga, but keeping active is important to me. So I made sure to get one last tee time in before the end of the year and it was worth it. Being outside, connecting with people and hitting my activity goal for the day. If you golf and you know about golfing events that I need to attend let me know. Type it in the comments because I want to do more golfing in 2024.

I also saw some live music with friends, so I’ve really been outside this month.

Hosted a community work-a-thon

Buy From A Black Woman community work-a-thon event

I hosted an end-of-year work-a-thon to get some work knocked out before the year ends. This was our last event for the year and we spent the whole day together, from 7am to 3pm. We used the Pomodoro Technique doing 45-minute work sprints and took short breaks in between to check in and give each other feedback. It was safe space for resource sharing, giving each other peer reviews and critiques, but we mostly just powered through and got some work done. 

Stay tuned if this is something you’re interested in because we’re going to have a whole lot more of these in 2024.

Read six books

I met my book quote for the month! My goal is to read at least four books a month, and this month read six:

  • The Color Purple by Alice Walker

  • Made Whole by Tiffany Caliche

  • I Hope You Fail by Pinky Cole 

  • The Devil You Know by Charles M. Blow

  • You’ve Been Chosen: Thriving Through the Unexpected by Cynt Marshall

  • 12 Things The Negro Must Do For Himself by Nannie Helen Burroughs

Recorded my last podcast for the year

And finally, I recorded one last podcast to take you into 2024 using the Buy From A Black Woman Intentions Worksheet. You can listen here and download your worksheet here.

That was my December, well the big things anyway. How was this last month for you? What stood out, or what’s something you want to share about it? Comment below and I’ll reply, let’s get a conversation going.

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