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February 2023 Journal: Behind The Scenes of A Black Woman Advocate

In February I was featured by four media platforms, I was a guest on two podcasts, I spoke at one event, co-hosted one event, read five books (and listened to three), ran a half marathon and I woke up at 4am to host a live accountability session on most days. Most of them! February might have been a short month, but there’s no limit to what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.

So here's a breakdown of some of the things I got into last month:

Media Talking About Black Women

Nikki Porcher featured by AZ Big Media

  • AZ Big Media interviewed me in honor of Black History Month. I shared a little about my journey, but mainly gave tips on how to buy from Black Women on a regular basis.

  • I wrote a business article on 5 Sustainable Ways To Support Black Businesses Beyond Black History Month for In Business Phoenix because the work just started in February. We need to keep this same energy.

  • The Story Exchange interviewed me and I shared my belief that conscious consumers intentionally shopping with Black Women-Owned Businesses all year long is what we really need.

  • And TRT World featured me as part of their Black History Month coverage.

Nikki Porcher featured by TRT World for Black History Month

ICYMI: January Media

Oh, and I got some press in January too!

Podcasts Talking About Black Women

Nikki Porcher guest interview on She Well Read podcast

Alana and Samra of She Well Read had a deep conversation with me about slacktivism, how media really works, and the realities of being a Black Woman in America. We laughed a lot too though!

Nikki Porcher guest on Founding In Color Conversations with Liberty Madison

And I joined Liberty Madison for the first installment of Founding In Color Conversations because my podcast, A Black Woman’s Podcast, is now a part of The Preferred Podcast Partner Network. Stay tuned for more on this!

Panel Representing Black Women

Nikki Porcher featured by The Shift Shop for 'Celebrating Invisible Labor' panel discussion

The Shift Shop hosted a panel discussion on Celebrating Invisible Labor and of course I spoke about how Black Women do the work unacknowledged and uncelebrated. It’s not ideal, but we do it. Which is one of the reasons Buy From A Black Woman is very loud about celebrating Black Women and shining a light on their work.

The Black women featured in The Living Examples docuseries by By From A Black Woman & H&M

And in February we did that through our docuseries The Living Examples, which highlights 24 Black Women Business Owners and their incredible journeys. We put out a press release about it, celebrated our Living Examples all month long on and we spoke about them every chance we got!

Black History Month Event For Black Women

About half way through the month, I left rainy Atlanta and headed over to Arizona for a Tory Burch Black History Month event. They hosted the event for Buy From A Black Woman and donated a portion of the proceeds to our cause.

And while I was in Arizona, I ran a half marathon through the desert!

In case you didn’t know, I’m a marathon runner and I plan to run a race in all 50 states. This was my 18th race and my 18th state. Follow me on TikTok to watch the rest of my journey.

Accountability Partner For Black Women

And finally, every day from 4am to 5am (except when I traveled to Arizona and had a really late meeting), I went live on TikTok for all the early morning people who need mirroring to help them stay accountable. We did braindumps, set goals and just shared space.

Black Women joined me from all over, some just starting their day while others were winding down. We got some good work done and just got to enjoy each other’s company.

I also got some reading in. I read five books in January and five in February. I might do these early morning sessions again. Being an accountability partner for Black Women is a big part of what I do, so watch this space!

How was your February? What are some things that you accomplished? Comment and let me know. And once you’re done with that, go ahead and Buy From A Black Woman.

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