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July 2023 Journal: Behind The Scenes of A Black Woman Advocate

Nikki Porcher at Capitol Hill in DC

July 2023 was everything plus! I traveled across the country connecting with and elevating over 30 inspiring Black Women, met with Congress representatives, did many many interviews, hit my books quota for the month and celebrated my birthday all month long.

18 Media Mentions

Getting the word out there and letting people know about the amazing Black Women-Owned Brands that exist, so they can support and buy from them is a big part of what I do at Buy From A Black Woman. So I'm very intentional about connecting with the media and sharing our mission with them.

This month that translated into a lot of interviews in all kinds of places, including the National Museum of African American History and Culture in DC, and probably over 18 media features mentioning me or BFABW. These are the ones I captured:

Most of these are about the Buy From A Black Woman Inspire Tour presented by H&M, and I’m so grateful for the overwhelming support we received throughout the tour.

What few people know is that back in 2018, I started The Buy From A Black Woman Inspire Tour presented by H&M as a birthday month celebration. It was just me in my car driving from city to city. I hit nine cities in two weeks! Drove up to NY and then made my way back down to Atlanta. And it was so amazing that I’ve done it every year since. And every year it’s gotten bigger and bigger, and we’ve been able to elevate even more Black Women.

I’ll be doing a recap of the full tour on Monday, August 7 at 7pm ET. Make sure to tune in to see what's up next for us.

Ms. Porcher Goes to Washington

I’m also serious about affecting real change through my advocacy work, so I spent some time in DC with some policy makers. I joined the Black Innovation Alliance on Capitol Hill for a meeting with Congress representatives, including Senator Cory Booker’s representative. I learned about projects, policies and I also got to share what BFABW is doing and the impact that our grassroots organization is having.

National Small Business Federal Contracting Summit badge and agenda

And I attended the National Small Business Federal Contracting Summit with the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce to learn more about opportunities for Black Women and how we can make federal contracts more accessible to them. Buy From A Black Woman also sponsored the event because we believe in the work they’re doing and we also believe in investing in spaces that promote inclusion and diversity.

4 books

And despite being on the road all month and traveling to almost 20 cities, I still made my reading goal, I read four books this month, A Right Worthy Woman is a must-read for all Black Women Business Owners looking to seek change in their community. Also, I got to meet Kimberlie Harris at our Warner Robins event! I just love Black Women authors.

Here's what I read in July:

  • A Right Worthy Woman by Ruth P. Watson

  • I Love a Good Book by Kimberlie Harris

  • Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven

  • The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company by Robert Iger

I am pretty sure I am leaving a lot of highlights out, but wanted to give you all a quick glance of what I got up to this month. And I’m always on the move, so let me know what’s going on in your city or if there’s an event that you need me to speak at.

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Nantale Muwonge
Nantale Muwonge
Aug 01, 2023

The DC trip sounds like it was serious!

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