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Why Affirmative Action Matters To Black Women Business Owners

Yesterday we watched as a landmark affirmative action precedent was effectively overruled by the Supreme Court.

The denial of the necessity for affirmative action policies for college admissions at Harvard College and the University of North Carolina will have a ripple effect. There's no doubt about that. It'll probably start with a decrease in enrollments of historically excluded groups, which will result in a less diverse student body and less representation in the workforce after graduation. Which will limit the range of experiences and perspectives available in the business sector, potentially impacting innovation and problem-solving capabilities.

And it’s not lost on me that the potential consequences will likely disproportionately affect Black Women.

Historically, Black Women have faced systemic barriers and challenges that have prevented us from accessing quality education and employment opportunities. Affirmative action programs have helped create pathways to higher education for all systematically excluded groups, including Black Women.

As a Black Woman, I've has taught in high schools and middle schools, was active duty in the military during wartime and worked in both private and profit sector, so this topic isn't only deeply personal to me, it's why Buy From A Black Woman exists.

As business leaders, this ruling should serve as a call to action to redouble our efforts in creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for historically excluded groups, especially Black Women. Black Women have been at the forefront of intersectional advocacy, upholding the rights of all oppressed groups while working towards an inclusive society that acknowledges and respects the diverse experiences and struggles of all individuals.

Which is why we do what we do at Buy From A Black Woman.

Dismantling the systemic barriers and biases that Black Women face at all levels of the business ecosystem is something we've been doing since day one, and we will remain steadfast on this mission. It’s our job to recognize and address the unique challenges Black Women face, in order to collectively work towards building a more just and prosperous future for all of us. We’re driving positive change in the business landscape and society as a whole. We are ensuring that people know that Black Women are here, and also reminding Black Women that they deserve to be seen, heard and supported.

When you support a Black Woman Business Owner, you support a whole community. Thank you for showing your support to this community.

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