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Tabitha Brown on A Black Woman’s Podcast

I'm excited to bring you a conversation with none other than the incredible Ms.Tabitha Brown on A Black Woman's Podcast! This season we're doing things a little differently, so we traveled all the way to LA to sit down with everybody’s favorite Auntie.

Who is Tabitha Brown?

Ms. Tabitha Brown is a true culinary sensation, a ray of sunshine and America's beloved Mom. Although many know her as a vegan food personality, she's also:

  • An Emmy-nominated actress

  • A best-selling author

  • A multi-NAACP Image Award Winner

  • And even a doctorate holder!

Hailing from North Carolina, she’s graced our screens with her heartwarming presence in notable shows like Showtime's The Chi.

Ms. Tabitha is also the mastermind behind Food Network's first-ever vegan cooking competition show, It's CompliPlated, and the creative force behind her Emmy-nominated children's show, Tab Time.

She’s an Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

But Ms. Tabitha isn't just about entertainment, she's also a savvy entrepreneur. She's the Co-founder and CEO of Donna's Recipe, a healthy haircare line that's making waves in the industry. She's partnered with major retailer Target to launch a multi-category product line, and she also has signature McCormick seasonings blends and mixes that have brought flavor and joy to kitchens everywhere.

A beacon of wisdom and authenticity

Beyond her culinary and entrepreneurial prowess, Ms. Tabitha Brown is a beacon of wisdom and authenticity. Join us as we dive into her world and learn valuable lessons about faith, perseverance and the importance of paving your unique path to achieve your dreams. Watch now:

Ms. Tabitha Brown’s journey is a testament to the power of being your authentic self and spreading positivity wherever you go. If you enjoyed this episode, please spread the love, laughter and inspiration by sending it to a friend.

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Nantale Muwonge
Nantale Muwonge
Sep 13, 2023

This was so good!

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